All photos in this post taken with the Canon 500D on the 50f1.8 lens, the Nikon 1 J2, and the iphone 5s
imagesSalzburg, Austria
I feel like these three photos perfectly sum up Salzburg for me – it was raining the entire time I was there (save for the one sunny day I had spent HIKING with my couchsurfing host), extremely pretty nonetheless, and very hard-sell on the whole Mozart’s birthplace image thing. I made a weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria, a couple of weeks ago, because it seemed like one of those places people rave about years after they leave. And it was beautiful as promised, beyond the fact that it rained nearly nonstop the entire weekend, leaving us to run from one overpriced cafe to another for shelter in the Altstadt. What a colossal waste of photo potential. Here are some photos of scenery, nonetheless..


The fact that we enjoyed it so much despite the rain though.. maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Maybe if we had experienced Salzburg in full blast sunshine, the beauty of the place would be so overwhelming we’d never be happy in any other place we settled down in. Maybe it would have set the bar too high for future trips. Maybe I’m delusional and making things up to make myself feel better. Each of those options are equally plausible..