Writing Resources

This is a growing list of writing resources for emerging writers. If you have any you’d like listed, please send me a note via my contact form!

Every time application season (which also coincides with New Years, the season of resolutions) comes around I get a sudden influx of emails from writers back home looking for MFA / writerly advice, and as I too knew absolutely nothing when I moved across the globe to pursue a writing life, I figured I would put something together. This is primarily geared towards international writers, who may not have grown up in places where information like this is commonplace, but hopefully it’s useful for anyone who stumbles upon this site. Take and leave as you will!

Writers Digest’s 100 common publishing terms

Anna Sproul-Latimer’s An Anthology of Publishing Advice (Requires substack subscription)

Resources for the MFA Application (+ why I applied)

Amita Parikh’s Opportunities for Underrepresented Writers

Vanessa Chan for Electric Lit: 19 Writing Conferences For Emerging and Established Writers

Re: Where to Submit — Erika Krouse’s Ranking of 500 Literary Magazines for Short Fiction

Catapult: How to write a novel (or anything, really) with ADHD

The Creative Independent: A Smart Artist’s Guide to Income Taxes (US based)

Podcasts for Writers

Craft Books / Further Resources

Here are some books I found helpful, both for craft advice and for fortifying the writer’s spirit on the long journey of writing and revision. Please note that this is an affiliate link, so I may get a commission from any books purchased from clicking below!

The above is a preview. Click here for full list of craft books.