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“I have learned the power of surviving.”
Philippa Gregory (The Boleyn Inheritance)

Hi troupers

The internet at home has been a little wonky of late, going on and off and throwing bitch fits on all of us, depriving us of internet. I have been clinging to my blackberry (bless it’s internet plan independent of the moodswings of the modem at home) for connection to the rest of the world via facebook and twitter.


Anyway, Saturday saw us happily going down to town to do a spot of shopping


Ern’s new additions to her OPI family.

Ern and Syaf bought a bunch of clothes and rings and wallets and I… bought a bunch of Cat Stickers. Meow.


Oh yeah and a book! It looks like ive been buying books every weekend- i really do need to check myself or my room is going to turn into a huge library. I have imposed a cap of fifty dollars each month for my book purchases, just thinking of it makes me slightly forlorn.

This week’s buy: Anna Karenin by Leo Tolstoy
Also, done with: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory
Now Reading: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Despite online reviews that the Boleyn Inheritance was the best of Philippa Gregory’s books, I personally preferred The Other Boleyn Girl. Still, it was pretty good, though i was constantly annoyed with the likes of Katherine Howard, the young queen with nothing but cotton wool in her brains. I’m pretty sure if you took an xray to her head you’d find a snoozing little kitty in there.

Have also started on The White Queen: this is an excerpt from the first page

In the darkness of the forest the young knight could hear the splashing of the fountain long before he could see the glimmer of moonlight reflected on the still surface. He was about to step forward, longing to dip his head, drink in the coolness, when he caught his breath at the sight of something dark, moving deep in the water. There was a greenish shadow in the sunken bowl of the fountain, something like a great fish, something like a drowned body. Then it moved and stood upright and he saw, frighteningly naked: a bathing woman. Her skin as she rose up, water coursing down her flanks, was even paler than the white marble bowl, her wet hair dark as a shadow.
She is Melusina, the water goddess, and she is found in hidden springs and waterfalls in any forest in Christendom, even in those as far away as Greece. She bathes in the Moorish fountains too. They know her by another name in the northern countries, where the lakes are glazed with ice and it crackles when she rises. A man may love her if he keeps her secret and lets her alone when she wants to bathe, and she may love him in return until he breaks his word, as men always do, and she sweeps him into the deeps, with her fishy tail, and turns his faithless blood to water.
The tragedy of Melusina, whatever language tells it, whatever tune it sings, is that a man will always promise more than he can do to a woman he cannot understand.

I was like, YOU TELL EM, GIRL. er. Goddess. Whatever.

It seems like a good book already.

Am determined to start on Anna Karenin right after The White Queen. While debating on what book to buy (i love Penguin books- they’re only about $4.80 per title and i dont feel so guilty for indulging in them), Syaf told me that its a tragedy and I was like, oh, okay, i like tragedies, so i bought it.

Its true though. I do prefer tragedies- happy endings are endlessly boring and leave no room for speculation nor improvement. Except for in real life: PLEASE GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING WITH A VERY NICE UNIVERSITY LIFE THANKYOU THANKYOU


Check out ma cool stickers

Oh also, if you’re wondering, Syaf is holding a one point five litre bottle of coke because she went cycling in the morning and this is the remnant..


Mao ~


Met Dan and XQ in town after that, I am not used to Dan’s new head of fuzz, but i am getting used to it..i think.

Best Fries Forever seems to be a staple of Cine, although i actually have doubts about the Best part of Best Fries Forever. I have mentally dubbed it Pretty Good fries forever.

Went down to Haji for dinner after that with the Dramatics at night. (Vintage Cafe)

They were all late.




Foooooooood. Not bad, actually, and the prices were really reasonable too. We all spent about 8-15 dollars, depending on what we bought. My drink (Thomas Kemper, Vanilla Cream) was pretty nice actually. But I’m easily satisfied and i am predisposed towards vanilla as a general rule, so you may want to take my words with a pinch of salt.


Pretty epic, actually.


I dont know what to say about shruthi avadhani.

Anyway. Thursday: Christel, Aaron, Shaun and I dined at Level 33– its this restaurant/bar proclaiming its experimental penthouse-dining experience and is located at the Marina Bay Financial Center’s ……..wait for it….. Level 33. I have to say, though, the view was fantastic.

Shaun is Aaron’s childhood friend who’s now working in the SIA flight crew. Observe:

Me: So, where have you traveled to so far?
Awkward pause as Shaun does the figures in his head
Aaron:…I think you better ask him where he hasnt traveled to.

Talk about checking destinations off your travel list!! I’m insanely jealous. Also, the three of them are dog people so they spent a large majority of the night debating the pros and cons of dogs and cats with me.

There was a pretty amazing light show with flames and beams of multicolored lights dancing across the sky and river which elicited alot of oohs from the rest of the diners… and me. I was mesmerized to the extreme- if you know me, you’ll know how much i like lights.


We dined on ubiquitous cubes of food.


Here are the cubes.

That orange looking thing in the background is Fish and Chips.
It’s actually a cube of potato and some fish stuck on it. I guess you’re paying for the view- which was pretty gorgeous, as i’ve said multiple times before. This one was on Aaron though, so thankyou Aaron!

Friday- Bull and Bear after work with the colleagues and a phone call from out of the .. im not quite sure if they’re still prancing around in the Jungle or not. Anyway, BBF is POPpin bottles in the ice this friday so i am VERY. EXCITED. Gonna be sitting in Marina Bay with Indri watching my smelly bbf march his way out of army for at least a week- thats why it’s called passing out parade i think.

Yesterday consisted lots of frolicking about dancing and singing GLEE STYLE to the tunes of Josh and Joel’s guitar, laughter and quite a lot of glitter stained footwork reminiscent of a Mayday celebration despite the fact that we’re just sliding into April now. It was good- i liked yesterday. I would like more of yesterdays.