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fruits of my labor
Nach Deutschland gehen!

Going to be working remotely out of Germany these couple of weeks. A friend of mine relocated there early this year and some time last month I got a text along the lines of ok i miss you you can come visit me now. To which I replied, I thought you’d never ask.

Hold your horses, haters. As frivolous as it sounds to be zipping off to europe to get work done remotely, I paid only 200 bucks for my air ticket because of MILES and credit card promos, and am trading McDonald’s garlic chilli packets for couch space to sleep on! Hurray. But seriously tho, I’m super looking forward to reuniting with my old friend and also to having undisturbed blocks of time to work on ~REDACTED~ during the day while he’s at his job. Har di har.

The real question is – do i actually remember anything functional from my months and months of german lessons? Were all those hours spent slaving away at memorising gender forms of inanimate objects wasted? What is Lubeck anyway? All these questions and more, answered right here on jemmawei.com in the months to come.