Bakehouse Hong Kong
Photos taken on the Nikon z6, edited in VSCO
hey guys,

From ranting about romcoms to waxing lyrical about bread you sure can find it all here at jemmawei.com. Seriously, i think that’s about to be my new tagline.

I’m really heartened by all the emails and stories you guys have been sending me regarding your own experiences with expectations specific to asian families and relationships, and it’ll take me some time to gather my thoughts (the emails are still coming in!) and respond. But in the meanwhile, I bring you news of our carbohydrate champion: these incredible pastries from Bakehouse Hong Kong.

Located in the Wan Chai district, Bakehouse is something you plan for – simply because whether you actually make it in past the constant queues is a question no one really has the answers to. It was a 26 minute walk from our hotel, which sounds like a long time if you’re Singaporean, but honestly – given the crisp, cold january air and the amount of food you’ll be eating in hongkong anyway, the walk is something you’ll actually welcome. My bread-addicted girlfriend xiaoqi (her sappy face pictured above, housing more affection than I’ve seen from her in months) had this on her hongkong bucketlist, so we penciled it in for a post-hike pre-sunset snack, took a bite, and fell in love. (Still a better love story than It Started with a Kiss)


Semi open kitchen concept means you can see just how fresh their pastries are, essentially kneaded and baked nonstop
It was 4pm on a Wednesday, we queued about 20 minutes before getting a table. At the time we didn’t know how big of a deal this was till we told Steph, our hk based friend, about it later. She gasped and sighed and put a hand on her chest and went: I’ve never even managed to sit down inside before. Apparently the queues on weekends are monstrous, and the pastries sell out just like that. I can only imagine. But at the time we had no idea: we just sat down and ordered from the glass display, and obliviously waited for the best pastries in hongkong to turn up.

We got three things to share between us – a raspberry cruffin, scones, and a pain au chocolat. How do I say this lightly? Everything was excellent. I thought perhaps I might just be one of those very easily impressed people but my own feelings were reflected in my friends’ stuffed faces, and in that i find validation and comfort. In other words: 好!


This is kind of a gross but cool photo because doesnt it look like you’re performing open heart surgery?!
The pastries that are meant to flake just flake perfectly, and the scones are dense and buttery with a clotted cream that you’ll cry about later. I’m really not a food writer at all even though i realise when I travel i talk about food a lot (i wonder why?), so the words that come to mind… fantastic.. amazing.. buttery.. delicious… just make me sound like im some kind of cupcake pushcart stand trying to hawk you my wares and bakes. I was hoping the pictures would do the talking for me, though separately note to self: figure out why i talk about food when traveling so much, and also, learn to talk about food more productively?

I googled Bakehouse afterwards, and one of the reviews online described it as ‘so delicious you’ll commit treason’. Well, treason isnt something you joke about in singapore so the best i can present you with is a no comment. But, mmm.

Bakehouse Hongkong
14 Tai Wong St E, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Weekdays – 8am – 5pm
Weekends – 9am – 5pm