Waking up in LA
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Oh, my Airbnb #LADiaries are far from over, friends. But it’s a short one today, because I was flipping through my trip photos and was just reminded of how gorgeous our listing was, a crime not to document, really. Sometimes, I look through Airbnb listings even when I’m not actually going anywhere simply because the entire site serves as a reminder that apartment goals are totally, hundred percent achievable. They’re not just a studio photoshoot set, people live in these beauties! And then other times, being very, very lucky, I get to live in some of them, and live the dream, if only for a little while.

This one was picked out for me by the Airbnb team when I was in LA last November for Airbnb Open 2016. They sure know me, I thought, as I walked in, the place was all sun-filled with natural light and wood. Beautiful. I actually had a friend stay at the exact same apartment during her trip to LA a couple years back, and I saw her little profile picture next to her testimony under the Airbnb reviews when I was checking the listing out online, pre-trip. It was something along the lines of Love love love love love this place, and I screenshotted it and texted her, normally a totally deadpan person, you love love love loved this place?

Shuddap, she said, but yes, ok, it was great.

Anyway, I was suitably hyped up before actually landing in LA, and the place did not disappoint. Huge, by any standards, and gorgeous. So comfortable, too. You went to America and stayed in Korean Town? my boyfriend asked, but then I sent him a picture, and he said, oh, ok, fine, I get it. So yes, another case of when pictures speak for themselves.


The iconic LA view from our balcony. At certain angles, when the sun hits just right, you can see the hollywood sign!

It never ceases to amaze me, how people open up these absolutely gorgeous homes to strangers to come live in. If I owned a place like this, I would want it all to myself, all the time. I’d never leave! But again, another part of me is grateful that people do, because it’s been such a source of gorgeous memories for me over the past couple of years, and also an avenue to friendship. Just last month, my London Airbnb host Hayley came to visit me in Singapore – we went for fish head steamboat and she swore it was very, very good. And then we went bar hopping. So I guess some things dont change, country to country.

While she was here in Singapore, I asked how her London listing was doing. It seems a bunch of you had gone to stay with her after my post on her listing, which was both really nice for me and a mighty surprise for her – she was initially under the impression that Singapore was one big family, and everyone who went were friends or friends of friends of mine. Which I guess is true, in a way. But while she was traipsing around Asia, she put her Airbnb listing on hold – another thing I never realised you could do, take it offline for awhile if you need a break and want to go travel. Which gave me a bit of a nice insight into hosting habits and lives. If ever, one day, I should find it in me to lease out my home and life as well 🙂


the absolutely gorgeous black and white kitchen in our LA listing

Which was kind of my segue into saying that this LA listing, gorgeous as is, seems to be doing a bit of the same. I’d like to imagine that the host is off relaxing and taking a well earned break up in Palm Springs, or something, while her listing is offline. And so if you want to stay with her in the summer when she returns, you can either bookmark this blogpost, or check her out when she’s back, at this link.

Safe travels, and happy dreams, you guys. x