imagesNew York, America
Outfit: Gutsy Glam Singapore | Shoes: River Island via Zalora Singapore | Make Up: Urban Decay | Accessories: Wanderlust + Co | Watch: Claude Bernard
I feel safe to post this now that no one can arrest me for it.

The gorgeous loft style apartment I lived in during my two month stay in New York came with an even more gorgeous rooftop which we were forbidden to enter on the pain of a 300USD fine. Of course, being a modern, 21st century girl who doesn’t know what’s good for me, telling me I cant do something just makes me want it more.

We snuck up on the roof one morning to shoot this red lace number from gutsyglam, a piece that brought me back to a time I only remember from romanticised and unrealistic television shows. Still, there’s no denying that this piece is an attention grabbing one – you can wear it with or without the inside camisole depending on how Miley Cyrus you feel that day. I converted it into my Mrs Claus outfit for SANTACON NYC 2015 and was told by at least fifteen drunk people that I looked like a princess. And of course we all know that if someone is drunk they must be speaking the truth. It’s a rule of life, write it down!!11!!!11!!!!!1

You will be glad to know that we did not get fined three hundred dollars for this photoset, though a very grumpy neighbour did come upstairs to tell us off only to realise that we were the girls who gave out chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis, after which he just smiled and nodded and went back downstairs to sleep. The moral of this story is that giving people food will make them extra nice to you. Boy, this blogpost is full of great life lessons!

Seriously, though. I hope you cant legally fine someone who doesn’t live in New York City.

New York, you were amazing as always. I miss you so much it hurts.