imagesTaipei, Taiwan


Yet another really short post, because everyone has been bombarding me with questions on my Taipei Airbnb listing after I snapped a picture for Instagram awhile back. So yes, I figured, what the hell, why not.

I did Taipei for the first time in January, a mere three days after flying back from New York. Ah, the jetsetter life! I kid – it was actually a casual trip with my mom and sister, to just, you know, hang out before life got in the way as it always does. I also seem to have become the go-to person whenever anyone wants to search for accommodation on Airbnb, so naturally it fell on me to source an apartment to stay in, booked on the referral credits you guys so cheerfully gave me when you registered to travel with airbnb here. Thanks, y’all!

We stayed with Wilson, a nice sort of guy who would come to characterise the rest of Taiwan for us: nice. Everyone there is inexplicably nice, a strange experience for me coming straight from the brashness that is New York. But that’s a story for another day. The loft apartment we booked sat right next to the famous shopping district Ximending, and was cozy yet comfortably spaced enough for the three of us. Lots of natural light. Loft bed above with – and this is crucial – ample power points to charge all our cameras, laptops, phones, etcetera. Soft beds. Artificially dehumidified air. A really amazing couch. And walking distance from anything you might ever need: shopping, entertainment, and a 24/7 family mart. All for under a hundred bucks a night.

And as you guys are so quick to remind me, good things must be shared, so here you go: pop by Wilson’s place here.

More on Taipei next time. xx

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