imagesNew York, America
Outfit: Her Velvet Vase USA | Shoes: Pazzion Singapore | Socks: Korea | Coat: Borrowed | Bag: GAP | Tablet: Amazon Kindle Fire
So in the last two weeks staying in New York I’ve been introduced and subsequently addicted to Netflix, the pay-per-month streaming service in the States. As a result I have been happily asking every single person I meet and converse with to “netflix and chill”, a phrase I vaguely know from pop culture. Not one of them deigned to inform me the real meaning of this “netflix and chill”, leading me to use it even more in an attempt to camouflage and disguise myself as a real new yorker by using their lingo, until one of my friends back home texted me and said:

you do know what the real meaning of netflix and chill is, right?

Enter: Google.

It transpires that the adorable little phrase is basically a new age booty call. Which not a single one of the fifty three americans I asked to netflix and chill with me thought important to inform me of. So yeah. Thanks, America.

It’s good to be back.