images London, Stansted Airport
Hello from the airport you guys. It seems to be becoming a thing where I have.. increasingly bad luck with airports. Previously, it was the ridiculously amusing (to you, not me) guangzhou experience – and now, I’m currently typing this while camped in a 24 hour cafe/bar in London’s Stansted Airport because Long Story. Honestly, at least I could get a story out of Guangzhou. This is just plain bad luck.

In sum, a bus driver who didn’t have the good sense to pee before starting the hour long journey, a very unfortunate five minutes and a tightass airport counter lady. Permutate them however you’d like but the ending to every story seems like a sad one. I’ve taken it upon myself to re-watch season five and six of FRIENDS which has taken up the past 9.5 hours of my time here. Also, I suddenly identify very much with Mastercard’s Some things in life are priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. line – so here’s travel tip numero uno from me: make sure you have an emergency mastercard before you travel because it will save your ass

Anyhow, I booked the next flight out to Munich because it’s somewhere within Germany, and I’ll be figuring out how to get to Stuttgart from there when the time comes. I know I said ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE when I came to Europe but i didn’t quite imagine it to be like this. Either way, I’m glad that this is happening to me when I’m young enough to find it exciting over plain depressing. For now: Munich, here I come, I guess. x