im a bit shit at keeping promises, the most recent being the one where i went will blog about bangkok after post processing the photos guys!!!.. a month ago. Still, of course it was all just a ploy so i have something to whip out and blog about when school gets a bit too hectic to actually give me anything to yak on about besides schoolwork. Obviously.

this trip was so generously documented and fluffed up by Sony Singapore and Sony couriered over the nex f3 in pink so i wouldn’t have to lug around a bulky dslr while tripping around the shopping malls, and we booked the luxurious Amari Watergate hotel under backick which is a fantastic social hotel booking site, complete with discounts and validation regarding your popularity.

the entire trip i think i took more self-portraits than i ever had in my entire life. everyone went nuts over the 180degree flip screen- it even has a mini countdown function like in a real photobooth!

definitely going to be a hit with the ladies. It’s conveniently handbag-sized too, a nifty marriage between great photo quality and girl sized gadgets. Some of you have been asking me about the picture quality so here goes: it has this smooth skin inbuilt function which means you look like some sort of newborn dewy princess child in photos, and a whole host of other effects. I like the original photo mode just fine, but my personal favorite is the toy camera mode- you’ll see why. All photos in this post were taken with the Lady (yes, i nicknamed it).

Thing is, im bad with chronology, and i cant remember when we did what: to be honest, it’s all a happy drifty daze to me. I know how it sounds, and i swear to you i was not drunk. I categorized all my pictures via the time of the day: morning light, afternoon sun and night street lights- this is the morning photodiary of the trip:

cindy simply went crazy over the street food there. this i remember- one of the days we took a chance and went down to the famous weekend market, chatuchak. you know it’s a weekday today the cab driver confirms, and we giggle out a yes along the reckless lines of fortune favors the bold or other similar cliches we’re entitled to because we’re young and all that. He shook his head and dropped us off in front of a row of street food stalls, amazing amazing thai milk tea there despite or maybe because of the dubious conditions it was brewed under. It started raining halfway and they were right- the shopping market was completely closed- but it was a fantastic trip full of ridiculous laughter and the most precious discoveries.

without shopping to distract us other things started coming into focus, shops selling lights, we passed the most wondrous bookshelf, cue “i’m coming back to bangkok to stock my future home!“, shops selling skulls, bones, and so, so much soap, all the smells!

pigs can fly!

back to our hotel, and melting into the most amazing bakery ever- even if you’re not a guest in Amari watergate, i suggest just popping in for the bakery in the lobby! We tried so many things over the course of our stay, and everything was just fantastic. It was just so unbelievable for me because WHO KNEW PASTRIES COULD TASTE SO GOOD.

personal favorite: chocolate danish served so cold.
Amari watergate is right across Platinum shopping mall, so you can drop by after or before shopping 🙂

various mornings spent in hotel lobbies, taxicabs, and nursing sore backs. it gets increasingly difficult to justify sinking back into bed for another five minutes when you’re acutely aware of the cost of being in another country, and anyway, things to be done and sights to be seen, but since we’re on the topic boy oh boy was it a great bed.

Thank you Sony Singapore – 16 megapixel frames of nostalgia, and so vibrant too.