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Hijacked ZL’s jacket today because i liked it so much. I wanted to buy one of my own but no… she bought it in Hong Kong.

I have never been to hong kong i feel relatively untravelled now.

Halfway through: A streetcar named desire by tennessee williams and the phantom of the opera by Gaston Leroux

(Yes sometimes i read several books simultaneously)

This week, being sick and all got me feeling slightly under-the-weather and i desperately needed some chick lit so i reread The Undomestic Goddess and The Lost Hero which isn’t really chick lit but whatever.



“ohai im just huggin a tree branch. dont mind me. ho hum ~~ ”

Came across a picture of this.. thing just now while surfing the net. WHAT ON EARTH IS IT DOES ANYONE KNOW? Look at it’s happy little face ohmygoodness cant stop laughing

Dont tell me it’s a hamster because i have hamsters living in my house (they belong to my sisters) and they look nothing like that. The hamsters i mean, not my sisters.