My nudes – of the beauty variety

Sunscreen and foundation are recent things for me – for all twenty two years of my life I have been living, unfortunately, as if I were invincible and immune to the ravages of the sun. I don’t know why exactly I’ve been avoiding them so much, though if I had to take a guess I’d say it’s because of local weather – it’s so hot and sticky in Singapore that as far as possible, I try to wear as little as possible on my face.

That recently changed because 1. People kept yelling at me about sun protection and 2. People who yelled at me about sun protection started showing me this terrible video about what happens to unprotected skin under UV light. You know the one. It’s been going viral on Facebook lately.

Which is why I’m so impressed with the latest additions to my make up bag, courtesy of Maybelline SG – the Dream Satin Skin line. They sent me their liquid and two way cake variations when I announced my impending trip to Japan, and despite my previous reservations regarding foundations in general, I have to say that these babies made it difficult to even remember I had foundation on.


I won’t pretend to be a beauty expert, or know everything about the smoothness or ease of application, the texture of the product finish, etcetera etcetera. Especially with foundation, since I’ve only started using it recently – i know next to nothing about it except how it looks on my face. So take this as what it is: pure personal opinion, from a very basic, beginner-level consumer. For a long time I’ve found Maybelline to be one of the best drugstore brands out there, and this just takes it another notch up.


If you’ve ever lusted after the airbrushed look magazines tout, then you’re going to love this. The new line promises a flawless look without the sticky commitment most of their market counterparts come with – perfect coverage that feels light as air. And while you can’t photograph airiness, you can capture flawless skin, so I sat down with both of them one day to try it out:

Before and After

Right? I’ve always been alright to go without foundation, but after seeing how matte and smooth my skin looks with the products.. lets just say there’s a lot more incentive to use foundation regularly now. More than that – one major issue I usually have with foundations is how heavy it makes my skin feel, but after an hour or so of walking, I forgot I had these on even.

And! Something else that was a real plus for me: It’s SPF enhanced.

The two way cake (my personal favourite) comes with SPF32 PA++ and the liquid variation comes with SPF24 PA++. This is something that none of my current make up products have, this sun protection thing. I mean I really freaking love whatever products I’m currently using, but this SPF enhancement is pretty much a game changer, especially for travel.

Making sure I’m well protected (lol) on the streets of Osaka

Remember how I started off the post by mentioning my recent addition of sunscreen to my morning routine? I’ve always struggled with how applying sunscreen makes your face a little sticky and not the ideal base from which to start building up your day’s make up – foundation, bronzer, all that jazz – but this just conflates the two steps into one while reducing how ‘heavy’ your skin feels.The streamlining of my make up routine is just incredibly convenient.

Still, the main thing is it does give amazing coverage for it’s price point. I didn’t even realise it until I actually sat down to take pictures of the before and after application process – you can really see how much smoother my skin tone is after application. I feel like I’ve been real-life-photoshopped. And I adore how it doesn’t look caked: it still retains a nude finish, and I could almost believe I had the skin of my fifteen year old self again.

Would recommend this to: Young adults looking for a base product with high coverage and a flawless finish without breaking the bank – they’re very competitively priced at under thirty dollars each. More details at Maybelline’s website here.

Thank you for sending perfect skin over, Maybelline x