I find it useful to occasionally pen down concrete plans and ideas and things I want to achieve, just because a part of me still believes that putting it down and acknowledging your desire is half the battle won (leftover from my diary keeping days, perhaps?). Anyway, happy October, friends. With only two and a half months left of 2015, yet another unreasonably fast year is going by and it’s about time to review new-year resolutions and renew one’s vows, so to speak.

My year’s resolution is a painfully first world one that i shall talk about maybe when december comes, or something. i dont want to jinx it just yet. right now here are a couple of things i have going on that I’m working on and that i’d like to get better at by the end of the year, God willing:

glowing skin project. Ever since moving to campus 4 years ago my skin has basically gone downhill. Maybe it’s got to do with working in the media, yeah, but i’ve never been so aware of how dry/flaky/uneven my skin is. It has occurred to me that the invincibility of my youth is slowly wearing off and that good skin now takes legitimate commitment and effort. So yeah, a combination of consulting google and conversations with local dermatologists it is – i’m dead set on figuring out the secret to perpetually glowing skin. if Jun Ji‑hyun can do it, so can i, dammit.

trying to get better at photography. I’ve mentioned this on the blog before. I speak of photography the skill, not the end-product. That’s a whole different ball game, editing, and though it’s something i want to work on too, i dont think realistically i can achieve significant improvement before the year’s up. So yes, photography it is. I’ve also started a new column in my side bar under the Broke Student’s Guide series called the BLOGGER’S GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHY/EDITING, to track my own progress and hopefully help anyone else struggling with the same.

writing more. With the increase in external projects I’ve taken on it seems like the time I’d previously devoted to getting serious writing done has taken a real toll, and I’m trying to get it back on track. Of course, this also includes producing paper after paper for my Masters.. which is ongoing, by the way, despite me not talking much about it.

and lastly:

finance management. There’s just so much shit to think about post-graduation when it comes to the green stuff. How much to devote to insurance. How much to give to your parents per month. How much to put aside for savings. Bills. Bills. It seems all the letters I get these days contain some bill or the other. I get a lot of emails asking me about how i save to travel and so on, and keeping a tight rein on my personal finances has always been a thing for me since i was a kid, but postgraduate shit is next level. So yeah, i’m trying to figure it out especially since now after completing my undergraduate degree, all plans are kind of for the rest of your life.

Aha. Not a very exciting post by any standards, so probably the audience i had in mind for penning this down was just one person: myself. I guess we’ll return to the normal stuff next post – I’m currently halfway through this one about the insane place i stayed in in Paris, and the question how many Eiffel tower pictures are too many? have been raised more than once. Spoiler: the answer is that there are never too many. Is anyone really surprised? No? I didn’t think so.

Till next time. x