imagesKrabi, Thailand.

Hello from Krabi, land of sun and sea. I popped over for a breather with a girlfriend after a nightmarish couple of weeks stuffed with assignments and deadlines, and I’ve been annoying everyone on instagram with this beach life, but I came up with a less expensive alternative for those geographically committed.

Nothing makes me happier than to announce that I’ve collaborated with Spotify to release a new playlist every month! For those of you who, impossibly, are unfamiliar with Spotify, you can read my review of the music streaming service last mid-year here. Music is such a huge part of my life, having been an excessively emotional choir girl, and while I’m not a veteran in all genres, listening to the right songs can make such a huge difference to my day. In the months to come, I may host giveaways for premium accounts and what not, depending on a variety of factors, but to start off here’s a list of tunes for the month of november, deadlines, and examinations:

Taylor swiftless it may be, but this playlist is a personal curation of tunes that never fail to lift my mood in a laid back, side-smile kind of way. I only hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And for those of you who need a playlist to accompany you through the long and inevitable nights of cramming, here’s something else I’ve been hooked on – Spotify’s in house Intense Studying playlist:

I know right. Spotify, it knows the feels.

Meanwhile, if you have any favorite songs, do share them with me and I may put them in my next playlist! 🙂 You can find me on Spotify with the username jemmawei, or via this link.

All my love, and well wishes for those of you who are also trudging towards the last bits of the semester.