Hair by Hairloom
Outfit: Dorothy Perkins Singapore
Ft. Matcha Espresso from Starbucks
Pictures: Amanda Wong

I feel like I’ve been blonde forever. Categorically I have, of course, starting with a chestnut ombre blonde when I was 18 and systematically making my way through the different shades – rose gold, chocolate blonde, bronde, and then a cool light ash blonde that faded into my most recent honey blonde. It’s been a good run, obviously, and no one can really go wrong with the classic blonde tones, but I felt like it was time for a change – something heartily echoed by my stylist and people around me. And so the grey years are upon me, a couple of decades early, but no one’s complaining.

This is my second round of grey – the first being when I just got back from Seoul earlier in September, and so Calvin (one of the best hairstylists in the world, and definitely the sweetest) decided to play around with it by adding in blue and purple tones. The idea was for the overall hair color to stay cool toned (see prev post re: korean stylist) but for it to still be visually interesting, and with dimension. Adding several shades of color gives it volume, for one, but it also adds character. You know, to make up for all that I naturally lack before my second starbucks run.

You never fail me, Hairloom. I adore it.