imagesNew York, America

Reunited finally with my soulmate from halfway across the world. You hear all these stories about how hard long distance relationships are, and they are, but no one tells you that long distance friendships take commitment and effort too. Come on, Hollywood. Give us some friendship once in awhile.

Because our time together is so precious, much of it is spent engaged in intense conversations, heart to hearts, or happy silences, sitting by the pier and watching the sunset drip heavily over the brooklyn bridge.. it’s been eight years now, but every dose of time we have together I understand a little bit more about the person I’m with, and I’m grateful everyday that we’ve grown so much but so parallel to each other, that our lives are so different but so complementary. When we were eighteen there was this one night, another four am kinda night, where we were broke and curled up chatting over chinese take out somewhere along Maiden Lane, and G turned to me and said, I’d die for you, but I wouldn’t live for you. And I said: I feel the same.

It was only years later, really, that we realised how much of a privilege it was to be able to say those words to another person, how rare and precious it would become.

I feel the same.