imagesRaffles Hotel, Singapore

Shot on the Nikon D750 on a 35mm lens
Top and Necklace: Dorothy Perkins Singapore | Pants: MDS Collections | Sunnies: Tens Asia | Shoes: Office London | Accessories: The Ordinary Co (leaf bangle) and Wanderlust + Co (rings) | Watch: Olivia Burton
Flowers: A Better Florist

So – I was hosted for high tea at Raffles Hotel awhile back, an altogether chichi experience that I shall now brand Singaporean, for tourist and local alike who would like a (literal) taste of how the upper class live in Singapore. A full disclaimer: I loved it. I shall only take my sandwiches with their crusts cut off by someone else now. Raffles you have spoilt me, oh my heart, whatever shall I do? Etcetera.

We snapped these shots after tea – I was repping Dorothy Perkins for the Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine, one of the issues coming out later in the year (was it April? Anyhoo.). Singapore can be so beautiful when you look at the final pictures from an air conditioned room and dont feel the humidity. That’s why we do this over and over and over again, risk melting into a puddle for pretty pictures. Too much disillusionment? Okay.

Here I’m carrying a bouquet from Steve, who I met for coffee before high tea. Always have coffee with a man who brings you flowers, I say. But seriously though – Steve is one of those guys I’m always proud to say I knew, before he got big.. because deny it as he does, thats what he is now: big. He left Google to start his own floral business and now he has better flowers than everyone else for a better price because he sources his own damned farmed flowers. This means they last for double the time other bouquets do, by which time I know it’s time to meet him for coffee again, because: always have coffee with a man who can and will bring you flowers, I say!

Aaaand there we have it – your daily dose of impractical advice. Till next time x