Featured: Olivia Burton via Just Tangy SG

I’ve never really been much of a timepiece sorta girl – watch wearing is a very recent thing for me, like, the last two years sort of recent. But the thing about me is that my likes and dislikes are entirely too extreme, which meant that the minute I did get into watches, I went all out, obsessively collecting new pieces of every design and possible style.. and late last year a newish designer duo based in London caught my eye. Lo: Olivia Burton, brainchild of London College of Fashion graduates Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings. The fact that one half of the duo shares a name with me is but a small plus point in their favor..

But their timepieces! How strange! Over the past two years I’ve grown accustomed to the minimalist swedish style of design, with clean watch faces, chrome accents, and mesh details. Classic, simple, and easy to match – but when something as quirky as Olivia Burton bursts onto the scene, well..

The designs I picked (I have three) from the local online stockist, Just Tangy SG, are already counted rather safe, I think. I’ve been checking the other designs out online and I particularly like the line featuring birds, butterflies, bees, and more flowers. It seems Olivia Burton has approached death and decay with gothic sensibilities and made them romantic. I absolutely adore the line. I think the next one I purchase will have a dead bee on it. There’s just something about the strangeness of it all that I cannot stop thinking about..

Just Tangy: For always bringing in fresh and new international designers that we cant get in Singapore and shipping them everywhere so quickly – whether locally or internationally – thank you.