Just before leaving for New York we had a clicknetwork TV christmas dinner where it was made apparent that we are now the top youtube channel in singapore. I have to say that this is exactly to none of my own credit. I dont count myself as a youtuber because I do none of the hard work that traditional youtubers do – produce, edit, curate – and all of the fun stuff – appearing on screen and laughing like a madwoman. I have been regionally and internationally recognized for work that was mainly done by other people, and that these amazing talented hardworking people have wholeheartedly accepted me into their family is something that i am grateful for every single day. Whenever people come up to me either in Singapore or abroad to tell me that they love our videos I always look at them and say, it’s not me, it’s the production crew. My girlfriends have told me on more than one occasion that i should shut up and accept the compliments instead of making a fuss about it. But it is what it is. It’s not me, it’s the production crew.

Thank you for everything, clicknetworkTV.


here’s a picture of me and roz for good measure since she was LATE to the dinner and therefore not in the group photo.