Hey guys,

This is gonna be a short one because I’ve already covered all the technical(ish) details in my previous epi-lasik posts, here and here. I just wanted to check in with my experience post-epilasik now that a significant amount of time has passed. I mean, three months! Thats more than many relationships last! Okay, lets not go there.

In the three months since undergoing epilasik I have been to four different destinations: Montigo (Batam) a week after the operation, Sydney, Bali, and Phuket. Three of which are beach/seaside destinations, highlighting the extreme convenience of not having to drown in paranoia each time regarding whether seawater would potentially come into contact with and therefore infect my contact lensed eyes. One longish distance flight, seven hours on a plane, initially confused as to why I was drifting off to sleep while everything was so clear.. only to realise that my days of stumbling around with my finger in my eye, trying to get my lenses out in a dingy airplane toilet are over. When you travel with people you get to know them infinitely better, and part of that necessarily includes late night talks, drinks, dinners. For the first time I could sit at length with a glass of wine in hand, chatting about life and shared experiences without worrying about my eyes getting red from strain or having to blink, hard, to stop the contact lenses in my eye from drying up and dislodging. It is a new life, and I cant believe Ive gone so long without experiencing this.


In the three months post-epilasik I’ve no longer struggled with swimming, running, and activeness in general, no longer had to blink out the sting of sweat touching a drying lens in my eye as I work to complete another set of exercises. No longer had to squint at my surroundings after making the decision not to torture myself with the discomfort of lenses when jumping around.

In the three months after opting for perfect vision, I’ve not had to grasp around blindly upon waking up for my glasses, or stumble out of the toilet post-shower looking for them with blurred vision. I’ve not faced the choice of battling laziness (should I get up and hunt for my glasses?) and strain (or should I just squint at my laptop, try to get by reading emails without them?). I’ve not experienced the panic you get when you reach for the contact lens solution bottle at the end of the day only to realise that you’re out. For such a big bottle, those things run out fast..

In the three months since making the best decision of my life, showering is a whole new experience. Water droplets in high definition. Everything in high definition. Sometimes, too high definition. But that’s a first world problem we shall not complain about. Life is relatively hassle free. The burden of rented vision is gone.


It’s been a short three months, but it feels like forever in the best way possible. My vision now is even better than when I’d worn contact lenses or glasses, I’d say, and I can’t imagine having lived any other way before this.

Thank you so much, Dr Tony Ho, Jolene, and the Clearvision SG team. And to everyone else: 10/10 would recommend.

Clearvision Singapore
6 Nutmeg Road
Nutmeg Court
Singapore, 228337
(Next to Mt E, behind Paragon)