Behind the scenes for The Ordinary Co
Photgraphy: Monica Lie
Jewellery : The Ordinary Co | Leather Gym/Travel bag: Colette by Colette Hayman | Turquoise box bag: Topshop | Makeup Bag: Longchamp | World Map: Urban Outfitters Amsterdam

I’ve been getting a lot of client requests for ‘at home’ shoots, in the style of ‘getting to know me’ and ‘seeing Jemmawei in her natural habitat’… etcetera etcetera. Whether it tends to a new marketing trend of inducing intimacy by getting down and dirty with online people, I dont know, but I do feel the responsibility to clarify that my habitat au naturale is way messier than what you see in pictures above – I had a bout of crazy spring cleaning the day before the shoot..

Anyway. This one was done for The Ordinary Co, local jewellery store, as part of the travel lookbook I shot with them in July. The idea is to show you what I look like while packing for my trips. Ha. In reality it’s a lot messier an affair, but okay. I thought the pictures were too nice not to use, and I rarely take many pictures of my room although I’d like to. Tada: blogpost material.


Cat pillowcases: Etsy | Matte Mug: Mark Tuckey x Cotton On Collection | Freaky Eye Manicure: Jean Yip (Plaza Sing) | More Makeup Bags: 3CE | Planner: Shop Bando | Wood bedtray: Etsy

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life lately, mild bouts of panic attacking me in the gut out of the blue. I suppose it happens to everyone from time to time, but still. Does anyone ever really know what’s up? Really? It was suggested to me once that only fools feel confident and prepared for real life, but the comment was made in reference to the A levels, to a very nervous and jumpy 18 year old me. I’m just going to assume the lessons transpose…

Anyway. Too much niamming for my liking, and too little action. Worry does nothing and is a bit of a waste of time, but doesn’t it creep up on you anyway? Back to work for me for now, and see you guys back here again soon for my London/Paris travel diary.


PS. I’m headed to a photography workshop with Nikon tonight, so yes, making headway on the Photography Improvement Project i mentioned here earlier (!!)