I recently re-discovered hilary duff on spotify and i’d forgotten exactly how much i used to love her as a kid!!!! I never had cable, ever, so i didn’t grow up watching lizzie mcguire – i lugged tons of the serialised books home from the library and spent my afternoons wondering what she saw in ethan (that’s his name, right? that hunky dory shell of a boy?). When i finally got to watch the lizzie mcguire movie (my kindergarten best friend had the dvd) it was all HEY NOW, HEY NOW ~~ and then bam she kissed the cute dorky gordo and it spoiled dorks for me forever. And yes that was my childhood in a breath.


So anyway, when i was browsing spotify recently i stumbled on hilary duff’s new song and ended up listening to all her old ones and MAN! Dem feels!!! I remember going on this duff-spree and watching a bunch of her other movies and I freakin loved Another Cinderella Story!!!! I almost want to rewatch it but I won’t, because i spoilt the beautiful memories of another bunch of truly terrible movies for myself that way. Rewatching 13 going on 30 at the age of 21 really ruined it for me because as a kid i thought the movie was amazing and when i rewatched it i wanted to yank my brain out of my head in giant slimy spools.

I’m telling you, H.duff really got my life

What was my point? Right. Ok. Yes. Anyway so I was having a spotify karaoke party in my room as usual and as i was listening to all these ancient songs it suddenly struck me: when did music become so different? I mean, when I was a kid, listening to a song telling me that hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of ~~ was the bombdiggity! And scandalous was hilary duff singing about going out on a saturday night. (I was really addicted to that 2005 hit single Wake Up.) Nowadays everyone just bops along to songs that sing about .. i don’t even know, anacondas? And nobody bats an eye. And when another kid comes along and starts singing about a weekday – y’all know I’m talking about rebecca black – everyone goes batshit crazy and starts laughing at her. I guess that formula died with h.duff, but man, it makes me nostalgic.