Kimono: Fox Out | Inner tank + Black Skirt: H&M | Black Backpack: Yesstyle |

I remember being fascinated by kimono-style outerwear ever since i laid eyes on street style queen alexa chung. That’s what i consider street style, by the way, a believable level of bochup-ness that produces the effect of resembling some kind of beautiful accident. Not the primped and set outfits that in all likelihood took four hours and two curators to put together, plus one photographer hiding behind a taxicab yelling look here, taylor! Yeah.. i watch too much tv.

Till this day the number of kimono pieces i have in my wardrobe far exceed reasonable levels.. And the sitting-on-steps thing, surely not the most hygienic of trends, i blame gossip girl. Goodness, i miss that trainwreck of a show.