So! Modern day romance is well and alive. The boyfriend somehow managed to find and surprise me with my favourite breakfast cereal, which I was previously moping over because it can apparently only be bought in Switzerland. I’d had it by accident in a Lucerne hostel last year, couldn’t stop thinking about it, and had emailed the hostel for the name of the breakfast cereal. Much like online dating, but for food. This was immediately followed with 5 months of searching through German supermarkets, Italian grocers, and East-Europe’s little markets.. to no avail.

But a couple of days ago, in the car! Hello, I have a surprise for you. Oh no, I thought, it’s going to be something like some embarrassing photo from my past he’s managed to pull up and doctor again. But no! Cereal! I kid you not when I say I screamed. Jem. He said, panicking. Jem. Enclosed area. But I was far gone.

I was just dropping in to say that, really. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Has there ever been a more delightful way to start the day?