Two piece floral set c/o Kenensa | Sunnies from Primark | Gold necklace: my sister’s | Photos by Cepheus for Uniquecolors

It’s racing towards the middle of the semester already, you guys, and it’s something I cannot reconcile myself to. Perhaps it’s got to do with the fact that i effectively only have one day of school per week, but I still feel too much as if I were still floating by in the middle of summer. I’ve been fluctuating wildly between peaceful calmness and restlessness, sitting down trying to pen narratives to paper and yet somehow being to content with life to create anything new. Is it only unhappiness that breeds creativity then? Surely that’s too destructive a mantra to live by.

This week I turned twenty two. I believe Taylor Swift wrote a song about this day. I felt unendingly old – because twenty one somehow sounds cool and twenty two just sounds.. not twenty one. I dont know. I spent my birthday in the best way possible with the best people I could think of and would want around me, and ate way too much cake. I want to say that I’m subsequently abstaining from all forms of sugar but we both know that ain’t true. As we speak I’m dreaming of a condensed form of chocolate cake so cold it makes you swoon and roll your eyes back in pleasure. I wish my weakness were a type of salad or something, but then again so does everybody.


I don’t want to ramble, so I’ll leave off soon. Just popping in to say that I am not keeping in time with real life on this space – off to Korea this weekend on a whim, and I’ll be posting another installment of the Broke Student’s Guide series up on the blog this week, this time regarding Rome. The strange thing is I actually wouldn’t classify myself as suffering from wanderlust – I just want to forge new experiences while I still can. And on that international note, thank you for sticking by me all these years, and a lot of emotions all around for those of you who’ve been emailing / me with well wishes and the sweetest notes an online persona could wish for. x