Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

This is of completely no relevance to the post but throughout the post-processing process the phrase kept chanting in my head. Ah well. Shades of green in today’s post and i am very glad of my hair color. Streaks of blonde are so photogenic. I went to Guangzhou looking for a red coat and came back all decked out in a very season-appropriate christmas tree green, and it seems so easy to just block it against shades of blue and black. Here’s some essential information for those of you looking to head down to Guangzhou:

Temperature – 12-17 degrees with cold wind, coat and layering type weather
Shopping style – street shops; small lanes, back alleys
Clothes – seasonal. Don’t expect to find much summer wear now because it’s winter there.
Bargaining – yes. Example: quoted price 120RMB, actual paid price 50RMB.
Exchange rate – approx 4.8RMB to 1SGD
Food – okay
Data SIM card – don’t bother. 100RMB for 300mb of data which will run out within a day
WiFi situation – hotels, cafes, ask the waitresses. Slow.
Look out for – shoes! (the bai ma area)
Keep away from – portable chargers. Stupid things dont work as promised.

It gets dark about six pm around these parts, fueling my childhood romantic holiday ideal of chilly air on your cheeks as you walk down brightly lit streets with candy stands and warm coffee. Asian holidays are so dramatic. I feel like maybe there should be a korean style teenybopper soundtrack playing in the background or something – I always feel so happy tripping around asian cities at night. Perhaps this just means I havent been spending enough time outside of asia, but no matter- I’ll be off to explore the world for seven months soon. IT IS SO GREAT, THIS BEING TWENTY ONE THING.