Dying, guys, because it’s the exam period, but I don’t dare complain because I’m not getting an ounce of sympathy, not even from my family, because everyone is just like SHUT UP YOU WENT TO LANGKAWI LAST WEEK. Which is legitimate. I’d slap myself if I weren’t me, but i am, so.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from our Langkawi trip last week. From the top:

1. Boating down the langakwian (yes i made that word up shush) river on the Naturally Langkawi river tour – saw bats, mangroves, lots of weird and wonderful stuff, went CAVING because i’m adventurepants1992 now.

2. Smiling at a stingray at a floating fish farm, also part of the tour.

3. Drea being a qtpie with her ‘i love dis hotel room’ face. (we stayed at the langkawi lagoon resort, more on that next time)

4. Ingredients for my face.

PS. Guys this is the best shizz if you’re planning to make the most of your trip, take it from me.

Moving on:

My hair officially makes its debut on the show (also you guys can see what it looks like when it’s .. moving, as opposed to just in pictures), new episode re: fashion obsessions released today! I really like it actually because I get to upskirt andrea, so watch it here:


Of late i seem to be having problems ending my blogposts. It’s obvious that it’s time to end the post because i dont have much else to say, and I need to get back to studying, and also, I’m too sleepy to really be coherent or anything like that, but I dont quite know how to end it. I feel like I’m playing the you hang up first game with my blog. The point is, I have to go now, so-

You hang up first.