pretentious photo of myself pretending to study in langkawi for instagram purposes

Hi Guys,

Im currently trying to figure out why exactly i thought it would be a good idea to go jetsetting off on a beach holiday right before my finals.. although i know id do it again if i had the chance, and if I’m honest with myself i really did need the break. Currently seated in an airport cafe, however, im kind of regretting my entire life and my determination to ruin my academic career by unconsciously choosing modules that all have examinations within the same week. High five, me.


On that note, I find myself faced with the same frustrations i deal with every semester. If i stay home to study I can’t focus because Bed and Fridge. If i go out to study, other people drive me nuts. Prime examples today:

1. There was a boy in the cafe hogging the corner with all the power plug points in order to Skype his girlfriend pics of his baguette during exam period. WHY. JUST. WHY.

2. Girls at the next table pretending to study but actually giggling loudly at pictures of Tom Hiddleston on


3. Cafe staff think it’s a brilliant idea to replay miley cyrus’ wrecking ball over three times in the past hour

4. Attempts to block out aforementioned wrecking ball (is this some sort of foreboding precursor?) has me plugging in to Spotify but then also has me singing along in my head to my playlist instead of focusing on my damn revision.

Basically im going a little bit nuts.

Anyway, i really came on here to say: Ive been getting a lot of feedback on server downtime so im in the process of moving this site to another (and hopefully more stable) server. It’s a long and painful process and it’s driving me nuts and also i’m trying to cope with cramming for my finals next week, so bear with me.

Best of luck to all of you cramming for finals too, dont go mad, remember to hydrate yourselves because not enough water can kill you like it killed these people.

And on that note- ciao!