Last week I rewatched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and after all this while one of the most impactful lines for me remains the one where Kate Winslet whispers into Jim Carey’s ear: meet me in montauk. I couldnt explain it even if i tried. Anyway, writing this post i found myself muttering look me up in langkawi which seems like the overromaticised and asian version of the phrase, so.

I know, i know. I’ve been conspicuously absent for a long time. I assure you, it’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s more that I’ve been writing too much.. academically, which leaves very little time for any other sort of writing. Anyway, I turned in the last of my essays yesterday morning after a solid eight hours of writing nonstop, and in between essay and exam week Andrea and I snatched a few breaths and found it in ourselves to justify a quick getaway to Langkawi.. where I’m lying under the covers blogging, hi guys.

It’s a fully sponsored trip courtesy of Air Asia, and I figured why read in singapore when you can read on the beach am i right. Except I don’t know who we thought we were kidding because we spent the day frolicking around the island then nearly dying on a jetskii (this is yolo, baby) midway through the afternoon.


People have been generally very good to us. We’ve been given a car for the duration of the trip (thank God Andrea drives), Commonthread Singapore has very kindly sponsored our trip’s footwear and showered us with Havaianas and sunscreen, and Lush Singapore dropped us a whole candy store of sparkly bath babies from their upcoming christmas collection (as a side note, if you want to give something that’s both pretty and smells amazing, make a present of yourself or check out the LushSG christmas collection. Yum). People have given us clothes to wear on the island, and it could not please me more to announce that O&M is now my official hair product sponsor (they’re stocked at Urbanhair too). I wonder to myself sometimes what I’ve done to deserve this.. and of course the answer is nothing. Streetcars of desire or not, I have done nothing that warrants such kindness from strangers, but I find myself often in possession of it all the same, and for that I am so thankful.

Anyway, I just dropped by to say this- I promise to get back blogging proper soon, I miss it, I really do, I miss the freedom of writing without worrying about my soul being slapped a grade on all the time. At the same time I refuse to let myself complain because I could be doing math instead, I chose literature for college and I love it and I have to stick it through for better or worse. Most of you know this already but I’m on ask.fm now by popular request, which requires much less commitment so I’m on it a lot more, ask away here:

In any case, this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. A break was needed. It’s not even midnight but im exhausted already, relaxing on a beach sure takes a lot out of a girl. Mmmmm. Better to sign off now before I get slapped.

I miss you guys too!