Obviously I’m exaggerating. This takes more than five minutes. Recently all these articles have been popping up on facebook along the lines of TEN CAKES YOU CAN MAKE IN A CUP and EIGHTEEN BEST MICROWAVABLE SNACKS and TWENTY THREE HAIRSTYLES YOU CAN DO IN FIVE MINUTES FOR BUSY MORNINGS which is, for the record, a lie, because I struggled with that damn hairclip for twenty minutes before giving up and leaving it in my usual style which is: messy.

Anyway, living in hall, Cinch and I are forever trying to figure out the fastest way to prep meals because for some reason we’re always waking up late for class and life in general (damn you iOS7). This is something relatively simple I made today c/o the mother’s life lessons so for the rest of you quick fix fans here you go:


What you need:

1. Oats
2. Milk
3. Condensed milk
4. Water
5. Things to make it look pretty for instagram, eg. fruits.

What you do:
1. Boil a cup of water (if you’re living in hall you can even skip this step because there’s a HOT WATER DISPENSER so +1 for lazy points)
2. Four tablespoons worth of oats into a cup and one teaspoon of condensed milk
3. Pour boiling water over till it covers your oats and mix
4. Pour milk in: about one third the amount of water you poured- and mix
5. Add in the pretty stuff. Mine has: chia seeds, strawberries, bananas, and later I added in sunflower seeds and almonds too.

So basically in one sentence what you do is pour all the damn stuff into the same cup and mix then snap and instagram it.

Oh, vanity.

It is also incredibly healthy because oats is basically horse food and horses win races so there. This took me a total of fifteen minutes- three to boil, two to mix, and ten minutes to take a proper photo of. Which sounds about right.

All photos in this post taken with the Sony Nex 3N c/o Sony Singapore.
Happy October everyone! x