Dark blue gown from Bangkok (lol) | Hannah White tweed jacket c/o mollyfromspace | Gold plated belt from Bangkok | Heels from Topshop | Photo credits to Adrian and Ceph from Uniquecolours

Who, my friend wanted to know, wears a gown to a coffeehouse? Yes, yes. So inappropriately attired for coffee. But this isn’t so much a coffeehouse as it is a luxe coffee bar, if we’re being completely honest, and you’re most certainly not going to find any of that nescafe nonsense in here. Passed by the Blue Mahoe Estate at the Esplanade last Friday and we just had to pop in because, look at that china. They very kindly allowed us to snap a few quick shots, though once i settled down in one of those plush chairs i never wanted to leave. They serve some legit Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee strong enough to shock you into prancing around bridges taking photos for another two hours, and even if you’re not such a huge fan of coffee, the quiet ambience and gorgeous china cups are excuse enough to draw a couple of hours out there.

Blue Mahoe Estate Caffe
8 Raffles Avenue (The Esplanade Mall)
Singapore, Singapore 039802
6338 8302

How great is this tweed jacket you guys. So perfect for throwing over shoulders if youre trying your own twist on the cape trend, or if you’re dicey on the subject of bare arms. Besides, they do say that it’s all in the details, so may i call your attention to those gold zippers.. functional, too, though i dont know why you’d want to slice off half your jacket when it’s made of material this sumptuous. I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to white based outerwear but i think this one pulls together quite nicely, it’s very elegant, very chanel, and I love how the material is sturdy enough not to fall off your shrugged shoulders like most other jackets.

If you’re keen on it you can get it here, otherwise, Mollyfromspace has very kindly offered all of you guys a 5% off any purchase when you enter the code MFSXJW at checkout – they’re an online spree store and i appreciate their carefully curated style over just mishmash-ing the most popular items on the market, so do check them out here.

And yes, i know what you’re thinking. A park is no place to wear a gown either. Shush.