What do you know, I thought we’d just started summer break and now august is half gone. Life. I sound so grumpy but in all honesty I’m more than ready for the new school term – put my life in order, please. All kinds of excited about the new semester and academic year including reasons like commitment-free lazing around in my hall room after relinquishing all responsibilities to the new HSS management committee, mods that include just watching movies, new sneakers, actually getting down to writing again. Three months of frivolity has rendered my ability to think in 140 characters. Or something. See, that wasn’t even structurally or grammatically coherent. You see what I am saying here.

In other news, I’ve been brimming with excitement re: this for a long time but didn’t want to say anything till it was absolutely confirmed. Ive had this habit from childhood of writing down things I want in notebooks because I’m convinced that if i write it down it’ll actually come true, which has continually confused visitors to my place when they chance upon notepads with princess princess princess princess scribbled all over .. anyway. At the start of my university life I penned: get published by twenty one and guess what y’all im not even 21 yet but From the Belly of a Cat will be launched the Singapore’s Writers Festival on November 3rd, Sunday, and I’ll be reading at 11am at the main pavilion. It’s a collaboration by Stephanie Ye x Books Actually and a couple more local writers, and it is so fitting, i am thinking, that my first official work of published fiction has got to do with cats.

Come hang out. x