Out the other end of a series of local short films here I am sitting, typing, a little bit dazed. I spent the last couple of hours watching the entries for this year’s Cine65 film competition, sifting through singaporean sentiment. It’s an annual local film competition angled around the singaporean story, with this year’s theme being I’ll be there for you, Singapore. Sounds so obvious but it’s the obvious themes that are the most difficult to creatively navigate.

I’m not good at film making and I cant act for nuts (that’s why Drea and I do reality tv, lol), but by virtue of our college structure, students here in NTU HSS know a lot of people from our sister schools Wee Kim Wee School of Comms / NTU’s Art Design and Media, and there are plenty of aspiring filmmakers in both. Talent, too. I’m actually headed down to the Puchon International Film Festival, Seoul, in a couple of weeks to support my friend Martin‘s short film because #SGREPRESENT am i right. Anyway. Our local arts scene is so young but has still managed to develop something of a unique flavor within the short time it’s been flourishing- it’s just completely different from taiwan or hongkong or other asian productions. You know what I mean.

Starting to digress a little, but anyway here are the three short films (~ 3 mins each) which I liked best.

忘不了 Unforgettable
by Grace Swee.

I don’t know, films with grandmothers. There’s just something about them.
I also liked how the whole thing was filmed in dialect. Filmography was beautiful as well, so much done within so few minutes.

I will be there for you Singapore by Lisa Lum Yoke Foong

Much more lighthearted, lots of comic effect, and so adorable. I normally can’t stand kids but this one is pretty cute. And young love always sells, somehow.

Priceless by Kenny Tan.

This one actually made it to 9gag Singapore where people commented that they started crying. I didn’t cry, and personally i think it toed the line between meaningful and cheesy rather closely, but the filming, editing, and direction was lovely. Cute kid, too.

In general I am wholly impressed at the amount of stuff the filmmakers managed to squeeze in with only three minutes given and at the different takes on the theme as well. If it were me I’d film a stand by me singapore music video because i have no creativity and that’d be what i’d come up with.. even after days of brainstorming. Ah well. In any case, great job to all the filmmakers- and also to the organizer Nexus, the educational arm of our ministry of defence, for giving the aspiring filmmakers/actors/actresses a springboard for recognition.

You guys can and should be voting for your favorite films/actors/actresses.
I want to avoid mouthing cliches like Support Your Local Arts Scene but it is what it is. GIVE THEM A HAND YOU MIGHT VOTE SOME ASPIRING FILMMAKER’S DREAM/CAREER INTO BEING. Yes? Yes. Vote here, you can create an account or just link it to your FB acc with one step to vote. There are $200 vouchers to be won and that shouldnt be your incentive but im just saying.

On that note, I’ll also be giving away prizes c/o Cine65 in the months to come after the results are in, but meanwhile, go immerse yourself in some singaporean sentiment and cast your vote. You have till July 8th, 2359 hrs.

After all, national day’s incoming.