I know, i know. Who the hell wears a backpack with heels? Um, moi. For the record, these babies nearly killed me. I was limping everywhere by the end of the night. Still, i figured everyone has got to be getting a bit sick of seeing my standard black platforms so here’s to new things and killer heels the shade of lipstick. Also, talk about a photogenic bag! I’ve been eyeing the Kanken ever since my junior college days and I had no idea it came in this pretty shade of warm yellow till Zalora sent it over, i keep getting asked if it’s a new color because noone seems to have seen a kanken in this color before- i have no idea, is it new? In any case. The kanken is quickly becoming a cult classic, i’ve been seeing it everywhere on schoolkids and the tumblr-folk, and everytime i carry this particular one i feel like im screaming I GOT A POCKET GOT A POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE to the general vicinity. It’s so incredibly cheery i love it (!!) So easily paired with what would otherwise be a too-formal outfit to tug it a little more casual.

Dress: Bangkok | Heels: Nastygal Margot Platforms in Red | Warm Yellow Kanken: c/o Zalora | Shades: Bangkok | Leather Jacket: Fox-Out | Hair by Urbanhair. All photos taken c/o the Sony Nex 5R.

Speaking of which- my two week leather jacket ban is finally over! Old habits.. die hard. I wore it three days straight the minute the ban broke (i know, eeee) because I missed it so much, also, it’s like a security blanket or whatever to me. There’s no need to psychoanalyze that statement. There’s also something else coming up soon, since we’re on the topic of clothes. Singapore’s first ever independent fashion show is happening at the end of this month at Avalon, and Drea and I will probably both be attending because, you know, showin some love to your local designers and all. Details below:

It’s particularly intriguing, because I don’t really know of many fashion runway shows that are open to the public without at least some degree of invite-only exclusivity. Or maybe there are, and I just dont know about them because I’ve been living under a rock. Seems like a pretty good chance for those of you interested to attend a runway show in any case- ticketing details are all above with a contact point so for those keen, there you go.

Last photo with the kanken and heels. I justify this by putting it out there right now that the copious amount of black in this outfit works against making me look like a huge red and yellow macdonalds sign. Still, I can’t get over how much I love the bright colors here. I got a pocket got a pocketful of –

Kisses to Zalora for the Kanken, Sony for the NEX 5R and Candice for helping me out with these shots.


PS. I just caught Jurassic Park in 3D and it is shit scary, dinosaurs running towards you in 3D is pretty much enough to make anyone wilt, even if it is a 1993 production. Recommended: yes.