You know, I am just so continually glad that upon entering college I’ve met people as freaking crazy over salmon as I am. It’s salmon season, you guys, which means any salmon bought now will be 1. fresher 2. more succulent 3. generally more delicious? If im not wrong, it’s cheaper now too, since it’s in abundance, but dont quote me on that. Last week, Candice, Martin and I had lunch at Kiseki which is currently having some salmon buffet thing. (!!!) I nearly expired. There was salmon in all forms, and i mean all forms- raw, cooked, blended into rosti, roasted slowly on a stick.. yeah okay im going to shut up now because im getting hungry again, but just go for it if you’re one of them salmon lovers too.

Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: (+65) 6736 1216

I’m not too keen on the cooked food at Kiseki, but you know what- it more than makes up for that in it’s sashimi section. We went for the lunch because it’s only like twenty three dollars or something after GST as compared to the almost-fifty bucks dinnertime option. You should definitely make a reservation because we queued for like an hour and a half, it was ridiculous.

I just really, really like salmon okay.