Beauty base zero is a phrase I picked up from my Hunger Games phase awhile back, referring to going back to as natural a state you can get your face in and then building it up from there. It’s honestly so fantastic that the exams are finally over because I can slowly get back to picking up the pieces of my cramming-ravaged skin and face and trying to get it back to a decent state. Long days and longer nights spent studying also meant a horridly pale face, dark eyes, and stringy hair for the longest time. Thank God that’s all over and done with. I’ve honestly never been great with the whole skincare/haircare routine thing, and if it’s got more than three steps you can pretty much forget it (are you supposed to blow or comb your hair first?), but there are a few basics I really can’t live without.

Pardon the stupidly sleepy face, yes, I’m laughing at myself too. To get as close to the real thing as possible I actually dragged myself (and my sister, behind the camera) out of bed at the unholy hour of 8am to get these shots. I’ve got no make up on save for my eyelash extensions which are the most convenient thing on earth (trust me, get them) – and the first step right off waking up or out the shower is patting on some moisturizer. I’ve personally got normal to slightly dry skin, and here I’m using the Hada Lano Arbutin Whitening Lotion, which is a traditional Japanese favorite. It does non-sticky wonders to brightening and basically baptizing your face, and I personally always use moisturizer before putting on any sort of make up because I find it helps keep make up on longer and is better for your skin.

They’re also giving away free 20ml travel size bottle of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion & Cleansing Oil samples at Hada Labo(sg) Facebook page, so if you’re interested do go check it out.

My hair is also crazy bleached, so if there’s one thing I really can’t afford to skip it’s all the hair products to keep it fluffy. I alternate between a whole line of products because I’ve got this innate paranoia that if you keep using the same product, your hair gets used to it and it stops being effective. A lot of them are specifically for bleached hair (like the AVEDA line of organic hair volumizers and this australian brand O&M’s detangling spray) but recently Asience sent me their latest line of leave on hair treatments that are (also) non-sticky/greasy, and keep your locks smooth and manageable. What an advertising line isn’t it- smooth and manageable- but it’s pretty spot on: my hair is relatively soft given all the crap and chemicals I pile on it. The new Asience line is available in three formats:

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water : For Tangled and Untamed Hair
ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk: For dry and frizzy hair
ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil: For Severely Dry and Damaged Hair

and they start retailing at $14.90, which is super affordable especially if you dont need specialized damage care products like I do.

Also, can you tell!!!! I went to Urbanhair yesterday and got my hair done- they cut a lot of it off this time, it’s so much shorter than I’m used to, but I love it, it’s got so much more movement now!!! Seth commented that it’s so fluffy it looks like cotton candy now to which i went mmmmmm and contemplated biting into it. Or not. Doesnt matter. More shots of it here. The bottom is also now done up in a blueish ash which I adore, except it’s probably going to fade off in a couple of weeks back to the sparkly blonde I’m so associated with now. So much love for Urbanhair for keeping my mane under control hehe xx

This is another product I love, the Not Your Mother’s beach babe spray. It adds a lot of texture to your hair immediately and smells GREAT, I think I’ve mentioned it here before but no harm talking about it again. It smells something like the sea salt spray from the beach in the best way possible, and I bought this off the Urban Outfitters website.

I’m not much of a lip gloss/balm person myself because I find that it inconveniently makes flyaway hair strands stick to your lips…. but years of cracked and chaffed lips have forced me recently into succumbing to the world of balms out there. My go to lip balm has always been Smith’s Rosebud Salve, but Mentholatum has also sent me their new Deep Moist lip balm to try out and it works just as well. It’s packed in a sleek blue casing that hugs the curve of your lips deliciously, and slips right into your purse without much hassle. Also, it’s from Japan (one of their bestsellers!!!) which should really tell you all you need to know.

Here, the model does a much better job of puckering than I do.

See what I mean. Also, in the line of morning preparations and getting ready routines, it’s probably perfect timing that our latest episode of That F Word was released today- an ep where we learn how to put a twist on the classic ponytail and bun.

I’m not even kidding, the bobby-pin-hairtie trick really works wonders, I swear by it now and refuse to tie my hair any other way. So much easier to put up and take down without dragging a million other strands with it! No idea what I’m talking about? Watch it and you’ll know. Urbanhair is also very, very generously offering a 25% discount of all hair services, so just quote clicknetwork at the counter and you’ll be able to get your ‘do done at the discounted price. Everyone should totally utilize this discount because 1. Urbanhair TANGS is beautiful and honestly one of the most luxurious hairexperiences i’ve ever had 2. i’d trust them with my hair anyday and 3. LOOK AT MY FACE HANGING IN THE SALON

Sorry for the gritty camera quality but it was snapped straight from my phone. Cheap thrills but this got me so excited! One of the best post exam surprises yet.

Alright, that’s about it. I’m falling asleep as I type (no idea why I’m still so damn tired, must be the backlogged ennui) so here’s a shout out to EK Media, Asience, Mentholatum, Hada Lono SG and as always, my beloved Urbanhair, for sponsoring everything you see here (Except the beach babe spray, that’s my own lol). Thanks so much you guys, and thank you continually as I go on spritzing my face and hair and face and hair with all the stuff you keep sending me x