A couple of days before my last paper, Ern screamed Sophomore? more like Soph NO MORE at the computer screen and I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time because it was funny and also i had my worst paper pending. Four days later and all I want to do is laugh and sleep it off. I completed my last paper and concluded sophomore year on Thursday evening this week, and all I can say is 1. didnt we just start university? and 2. I AM SO GLAD THIS SEMESTER IS OVER. This term proved particularly trying, what with the mods I took- Screenwriting, Fiction Writing, Non Fiction, Discourse of Love, Postmodernism, Virgins and Vixens, and East Asian Literature. It’s all very exciting except instead of asking you to think about subject matter, they ask you why you’re thinking of it, and also, r u sure you really exist r u sure this is really happening right now?? Postmodernism for you ladies and gentlemen. I enjoyed it very much, but never again. (I say this every semester.)

Countless nights of moaning I dont want to do this anymore and sulking at my notes and finally the semester is over and done with. After our last paper, Shane and I attended the media preview party for the Blackberry Q10 which is the most beautiful blackberry to date, I cant wait to get my paws on it for real.

Will blog about it proper once I get the official photos from the event photographer, but in the meanwhile, CHECK OUT the incredibly cute BBM emoticon cushion they gave us. I brought it home and my sisters went mad. Other things that have happened in the short window of post-finals time i’ve had include iron man 3, attempting to move out of hall, and falling horribly sick. Not going to go into visual gory details but seriously, this body. Falling sick right as the finals end. It’s either incredibly good or disgustingly tragic timing, i dont know.

Well now. All I want to do is fall into frivolity and aimless sleep. So yes, sorry for the slightly slipshod update, but hey, I’m back.

Cheers to the frickin weekend y’all.