Last friday directly after the second consecutive essay induced overnighter (and the third in the week as a whole), Andrea, Imran, Cindy and I took a much needed trip down to Sentosa for a reaaaaaally good meal. Something along the lines of rewarding ourselves for surviving hell week and prepping up for the exam month to come. Speaking of which? I think if I never see another sunrise for the next half a year or so it’s all good with me. Friday morning and watching the sunrise from the inside of the glass boxed study room and I couldnt decide if my life were beautiful or tragic.

Anyway, in line with the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, The Boxing Crab invited a few of us down for a food tasting session prior to their mother’s day menu launch. Mother’s Day is May 12th, Sunday, and you are welcome for the reminder. Other Mother’s Day dining options include MEDZ, from last week’s food tasting session, both delicious and both from completely different cultures.

I mean, just look at these drama queens.

Do they not look like they’re singing some sort of opera or is that my sleep deprived mind talking? Does it matter? In any case, it was my first time eating lobster (don’t laugh) and I was suitably impressed. I don’t know if all lobster tastes like this, but if it does then it’s a huge yes please from me. This was the first item in the 7 course dinner menu: Deep Fried Spiny Lobster Salad.

Dish two: Braised treasure chicken in lotus leaf. I only tried the gravy for this- which was downright intriguing in the best possible way, both light and intense at the same time, very, very oriental. If you love chinese food you’ll be a fan of this, which I do, so. Still, speaking of chinese food:

Homemade Water Chestnut Beancurd with Spiced Meat. Debatably my favorite dish of the night- I love!!!! It’s a throw up between this and the lobster, i dont know, lobster is like the new girl on the block and this is an old favorite, so i don’t know and also that analogy made me feel like a teenaged boy. Right. Enough with the awkward small talk. I’m a huge fan of beancurd, especially the hotplate egg-addled kind, can I get a hell yes?

There, an appropriate thumbs up from Melvin, who’s also behind plenty of the beautiful pictures you see on Andrea’s blog. Coincidentally, Multifolds Photography (Melvin’s firm) is also having this Corrinne May Mother’s Day photoshoot promotion, where you do a family photoshoot, have a bunch of biscuits and then go watch Corrinne May’s concert. Sweet.

Back to the food: here’s a picture of scallop, prawns and asparagus which I did not try because I am neither a scallop, prawn, or asparagus person. Cindy, however, did try these and said it was a pretty flavorful dish. In any case, they were pretty rapidly overshadowed by the stars of the night:

Crabs!!!!! I tell you the table went mad, all cameras out and all that. The chilli crab also came with a side of those deep fried chinese bread buns that I absolutely went crazy for as a kid during chinese new year dinners. I googled a picture and they look like this. I think it’s a testament to The Boxing Crab’s sense of humor that we honestly couldnt decide if the crab or the crabbing bibs were a better hit at the table, because:

Crabbing in progress what, up.

Seriously, the person who came up with this idea, he/she understands how girls work, I tell you. With bibs like these, any trip to The Boxing Crab is sure to induce a flurry of bib-related instagram pictures, because how cute are these things??

Here are a couple of pictures of the remaining two dishes we only managed to get a bite or two of. Really, they call them food tasting sessions but it’s honestly more of food stuffing ones, we’re always so incredibly full after one of these. In the best possible way, of course.

Thanks so much for the invitation, The Boxing Crab x Brand Cellar!

The Boxing Crab
80 Siloso Beach
Singapore 098 989
6274 7760

They’re also offering a 1 for 1 crab promotion right now so if you’re a fan of seafood.. in any case, the meal we had cost about $328++ for an estimated 4 people, though I’m pretty sure it feeds way more than that. Way to go for chinese food, it was delish.

A photo with the girls of the night:

Andrea, Cindy, Melissa, and Joyce. Photo credits: Melvin.

Good food, good company, I don’t know what else I can ask for besides, well. The exams to be over stat.

Love all around.