Things that made my recent days:

– talking to my intercontinental best friend
– finishing my script with a calm expression on my face
– clicknetwork dinner (kinda) at Cherie’s wedding
– wedding speeches
– emotional speeches
– grilled salmon served at weddings
– stumbling around in the dark trying to flag a cab and giggling
– rain-angels
– 3 x 21 birthdays, andrea, cindy and meixuan’s
– old friends new friends

So silly but what is there to be said except it is what it is. I had an exceptionally good Easter weekend you guys, stretched over a really good church conference despite being really really tired throughout the entire thing. Someone looked at my multiple levels of concealer and said that’s it, you’ve hit your threshold and i replied im young my body can take it. BRB abusing my body’s ability for all nighters while it’s still good. There are a few other things important to know:

1. Formation of the princess party club for drea’s birthday surprise earlier in the week. If you want to know why i’m princess aurora it’s because a) Ariel was already taken and b) all sleeping beauty does is sleep and all i want to do my whole life is sleep, ok?

‘I have always depended on the kindness of strangers’
/a streetcar named desire.

2. Humanity! It exists. On thursday, Ju and I were stranded somewhere in school and what literally appeared to us as a rain-angel offered us portable shelter.

3. i got a cactus named carmen. In the future if i want to get out of a sticky situation I’m just gonna be like sorry guys cant make it tonight i promised carmen i’d have dinner with her. And everyone will either let it go because they’ll assume carmen is an actual person or be too weirded out by my relationship with a cactus to actually want me along for whatever they initially invited me for. It’s diabolical. So far Carmen and I, we’ve had dinner, drinks, watched a movie, and met friends. I think she may be the one.

4. Lastly- woke up to a facebook notification that SKII called us IT girls which got me very excited, also, new ep of That F Word out. It’s an ep we shot with Topshop Knightsbridge regarding visual merchandising which will probably be pretty relevant to those of you intending to go into the fashion retail scene. It’s one forty five am and is it sad that i am staring at the clock and thinking, maybe i’ll have an early night today? Anytime before four is a luxury nowadays, but we’ve got an early morning call time for a shoot tomorrow and I really should get to bed. Just taking a moment to appreciate the lovely/exhausting weekend i had before crashing, well now, i hope you guys had a great Easter weekend too x