Hi guys

It is best to be up front with my emotions and all so I am putting it out there right now that I am trying to win a camera, more specifically, the Nikon 1 J2, from an ongoing blogging competition by Nuffnang. The competition brief includes choosing one out of the six Nikon 1 available colors and styling it with outfits- okay, well, they said a outfit but I really really want the camera and I’m a bit of an overachiever so I’m going to stick a million photos in here instead and cross my fingers like crazy.

I grew up playing BARBIE’S FASHION FUN on barbie.com so i’ve got like, what, five million years of dress up experience under my belt. I’m not even kidding i was a pro at navigating barbie.com on a windows 95 computer back when i was seven. The only issue was, I didn’t actually have a white camera to style and shoot with- so I created my own with sharpie markers and faber-castells. Introducing the world’s only 2D Nikon 1 J2:

Yep, you know it.
The J2 comes in a whole candy store range of colors like orange, pink, red, white, silver and black, but I picked the white simply because I honestly feel as though it looks the best of the lot- classy, sleek, and easy to match up or down depending on whether you’re toting it off to the beach or slipping it into a clutch for a dinner function. It’s so versatile- and I’m not just saying it, im about to prove how it complements you regardless of your style or personality:


Smart Casual with the Nikon 1 J2
– this is what I’d normally wear to school, but i get yelled at a lot regarding impracticalities of a leather jacket on campus, so I guess i’d wear this to a 21st birthday party dress coded smart casual.

Pink high collared dress– Bangkok
Leather Jacket Fox-out
Coffee colored WedgesJipaban

(i took this while messing around behind the scenes of a Fox-Out shoot, happily parading my new creation in front of everyone. Because the ability to hold a sharpie marker is one that is highly laudable okay, shut up.)

I wasn’t the only one amused by the 2D Nikon. Look- Cindy tried to eat it.


Documenting your teenage life up and down in casual wear for school– or at least, my idea of casual wear being knit tops and tights. Generally my rule of thumb is, if you can sit cross legged comfortably it’s relatively casual, no?

Spellbinded Knitted Throwover
Blue tightsASOS
Gold necklace– Cotton On Online
Heels– Topshop
Bag and Watch– Bangkok


I don’t remember where I first heard this but a rule of thumb with skirts and light colored tops: dont trust your eyes. Sometimes I am delusional and think that my shirt is not see through. Sometimes my skirt seems of an appropriate length till i actually try to navigate the day in it. Snap a picture of your own outfit before you leave the house because the Camera Never Lies. Tips are all well and good but to be honest have I been doing this regularly – No it’s way too troublesome to do it with the DSLR – which explains embarrassing mornings and wardrobe malfunctions.

I would (probably) do it more if my camera weren’t so bulky though..

Also, it doubles up as an #OOTD shot.

Mandarin collared white top
– stole it from my roommate, i think it’s from MissyPixie
Black skirt– H&M
Hair clip– the ikea food clip you use to seal unfinished bags of cereal.


Possibly one of the best things about a ‘clutch-sized’ camera, the ability to just slot it into your clutch when otw to some dinner function or party. Always a dilemma whenever i have events to attend: should i bring my dslr?? what if everyone laughs at me because its so bulky??? Where am i going to put it?? Here I was en route to class and then a dinner function straight after, which explains the long dress x relatively more casual wedges. If you’re going straight to dinner without having to moderate yourself for school in between, lose the jacket and swop out for heels- and there you’ll have a relatively more formal take on this look.

Here I’m wearing:

Red wine maxi
– Bangkok (also seen here, in the asiatique scenes.)
Leather Jacket– Fox-out
Magenta wedges– Bangkok

The camera is so gorgeous that no one will judge you even if you:

Take hand held self portraits in public.

Are one of those people who takes pictures of your food.

And if all those photos aren’t enough, I’ll assure you that this baby will go with any of the outfits I’ve picked out here:

or here:

By pure virtue of it’s color, even though they’re both of completely different styles and color schemes.

Because I’ve never used a Nikon before, I have no idea what its functionality is like, though it’s pretty common knowledge that Canon and Nikon are both neck to neck for the spot of best camera brands on the market so it’s safe to assume that their cameras would be pretty swell. You can, however, read up more on the camera specifications here: http://bit.ly/Y2OiSY. I’ve been a DSLR girl for more than a year now and I love it to bits, but sometimes DSLRs are honestly just too bulky to be lugging around, especially if you’re on a shopping or girls day out trip rather than a photo-walk. Ever since Sony Singapore sent me their nifty little NEX-F3 for my bangkok trip back in October, I’ve been so severely tempted to run out and buy myself a prosumer because it is just so perfectly sized. I have proof to back this up too- my second BKK trip in January with Drea we took a total of 40 photos because it was seriously just too troublesome to keep yanking the DSLR out of the bottom of my bag. October’s bangkok trip left me with 1.3k photos to post process. The difference is blatant. Convenience is king. Unfortunately, everytime i feel like shouting DISNEY TAUGHT ME TO FOLLOW MY HEART I’M GOING TO BUY A PROSUMER, my bank account reminds me to calm the hell down.

So yes- I’ve posted photos, potentially hurt myself with scissors while making that 2D baby, written paragraphs of waxing lyrical re: Nikon, and even stuck videos in here- and two years of working in media and advertising has taught me that that’s rich media x SEO maximizing if nothing else. As of yet my Nikon 1 J2 is currently still stuck in 2D mode- so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll go all bibbidi bobbidi boo on me and turn 3D real soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me too and I will love you.