As a child when my kindergarten teachers asked me what my favorite color was, i’d always answer rainbow. It didnt matter how hard they tried to reason with me and explain patiently that rainbow is not a color, and by virtue of the nature of the word favorite, i could only have one favorite color. I stuck by my guns. Thinking back, im pretty surprised they didnt just give up on me and send me to detention to make me shut up about colors. On the other hand, you’ve got to bear in mind that i was the kind of kid who filled in Princess under Ambitions and Get a pony and/or dolphin under Pets in personality introduction forms. Ah well. This rainbow sweater from modcloth pretty much was my entire childhood in one article of clothing in a you mean i can have all my favorite colors on one top? Sweet. kind of way. Andrea hates it of course but i dont care: IM A RAINBOW, YOU GUYS.

On a more serious note, after a long deserved brunch with Ranice and Syaf, I spent an entire day with my dearest best friend and his girlfriend Indri, and also, managed to introduce them to the roomie Cindy over 25% salted caramel milk tea. Sounds so sappy but it means so much to me and I’m just so so happy that people who are such important parts of my life are meeting and getting to know each other! What an amazing day- I rarely come home at the end of the day as exhilarated and happy as when I get to meet these people i love, and today I just couldn’t stop smiling like a daft kid. I don’t throw around words like these lightly, but i love them so much, and i dont mean i love them the way you say omg i love the color red, i love it when it’s windy, and I love hugging warm laundry just out of the dryer (sorry, was that a bit creepy?). I mean it in a guys you pass the front porch test kind of way, and i mean it with every fibre of my being. x