Here’s another one of those posts where i pretend i have a semblance of social life by going out and, you know, doing things that don’t include hiding in some obscure corner of starbucks to read. Anyway. I attended the movie premiere of Bachelorette last week courtesy of Carlo Rino Singapore and The Cathay, a chick flick about a bachelorette party gone wrong. It reminded me incredibly of the Hangover 2, la femme, and im guessing it’ll be a hit with three types of audience:

1. post work looking to destress and zonk out office girls
2. teenage girls
3. people who watched pitch perfect

because the main character (well, the bride) is Rebel Wilson, which pretty much screams Fat Amy strikes again! So if you loved her in pitch perfect you’ll probably like her in this too- she’s pretty much got the same type of humor going, slightly sarcastic, slightly self depreciatory. Quick synopsis of the movie: four girlfriends back from high school grow up, and Wilson gets proposed to so the other three are up for bridesmaid duty. Well, they’ve all pretty much got a whole magazine rack’s worth of issues of their own to deal with, so the night before they accidentally tear the wedding dress and spend the rest of the night sorting out their various issues/ trying to fix the dress. Spoiler alert: they all make up again by the end of the show- which you saw coming anyway, so don’t pretend to get all huffy and outraged about the spoiler, yes? Here’s the trailer.

To the movie itself- it really is a bunch of laughs, perfect for unwinding after work. You’ll know what i mean if you’ve ever attempted to watch inception or hannibal after a long and draining day of work- seriously, all you want to do is zone out and disengage from anything that requires intellectual engagement from your brain. It doesnt require much interpretation or extrapolation- much like the hangover, it’s blatantly funny and works on a straightforward enough storyline. The characterization was okay- overly stressed and jealous control freak kristin dunst, screw-up lizzy caplan with leftover issues from a broken teenage heart- the only one which i didn’t quite buy was the overdosing party girl persona Isla Fisher (confessions of a shopaholic, 2009) had to don. It was like Karen Smith grew up and didn’t all at the same time. If you’re a mean girls junkie you’ll get what i mean.

In any case, the three of them pretty much form the bridesmaids from hell trio which makes for good movie fodder but whom you honestly don’t want at your own wedding. I mean, they tore her wedding dress. Also, i dont know if it’s just me, but it seemed as though the only one of the three who actually had any sort of proper friendship going with the bride was kristin dunst’s character. The issues dealt with are actually pretty relatable- feminine jealousy, escapism, control freak complex- just blown up and exaggerated, and i think it’s essential that you keep in mind that it was meant to be a comedy before getting all offended about the way the show deals with inter female relationships. What i am saying is, it is what it is: a chick flick comedy at heart, but it’s still one of those fun ones filled with good looking characters that will make you laugh.

Recommended: Yes, if you’re a female aged 18-24 and want a girls night out after work. Any older and it might hit a little too close to home (i assume after 24 people start seriously considering marriage and might not take very well to a bridesmaids-from-hell movie), any younger and you won’t be able to get past the doors due to it’s local rating. That said, it’s probably also going to become one of those sleepover popcorn movies in the future when it goes to DVD.

Thanks again for the invitation, Carlo Rino and The Cathay Singapore!