I booked a room in the mandarin orchard and spent the past couple of days having some proper quality time with my family. Originally the plan was bangkok but there is this lady from alldealsasia called Lin who is a pretty dishonest and unprofessional swindler so that’s off and paid for. Well that was elegantly put. Don’t say you weren’t warned. As you get older i think one of the things you’ll tend to regret is not being around more. It’s like i blinked and my sister turned thirteen. The last i remember she was a midget. Not that she doesnt still look like one, which makes it even more confusing. I guess what im saying is, when you live away from home and fill your ical with red and greens of work and school,it’s easy to forget that time passes for people other than yourself, which makes me appreciate the holidays more. Here’s to hoping the rest of you get to spend a proper end of the year with your families too. x