i get 8 hrs of sleep every night, said nobody ever. well at least here in college getting that much sleep seems a bit like one of those fairy myths, like unicorns or taxi drivers who return a million dollars you left in their cab. the examinations have kind of just killed all our social lives, and coupled with black friday it honestly just means i’ve really gone a little bit mad. above are a few things i’ve bought over this crazy cramming period, it’s just the tip of the iceberg- and the exams only properly start tomorrow! Honestly, the more stressed i get the more i shop, and i’ve degenerated to yelling at my computer screen STOP SENDING ME 25% OFF EMAILS, ASOS. stupid marketing strategies. so effective. but seriously, i keep thinking to myself, this is the last time.. and then a new email comes in going We’ve missed you! Here’s a discount code on us and im just like i love you..!! a bit like one of those long drawn draggy break ups, except with a lot less tears and a lot more new clothes. Er, and a lot less money too. Tis the season for new clothes and all that. I don’t even know what i’m talking about anymore. Still with me? No? Neither am i.

Good luck for the examinations, all.