The insanity that is ongoing in this post- this was last night or this morning depending on how you look at it. Originally i just wanted to snap a pic of my new kicks for you guys, the most amazing black suede lassies from topshop, already prenamed and you’ve got to love the fact that it’s named after one of the greatest dogs of all time. They’re six inches which is exactly the amount of self confidence these babies give me. My friends call them a step, but a rose by any other name smells as sweet and all that, and yes i just shakespeare-d my heels.

Somehow it evolved into a happy snapping of everything else going on at that time, the contents of my trash can, work in progress on a paper, and somehow it being 5am in a 16 degrees room while it pours outside makes it okay to be prancing around in the room wrapped up in furs i still love as much as i did a year ago. Obviously.