The thing about small bags is – as gorgeous as they are, they can hardly hold anything. I recently got this baby from the Editor’s Market, only to realize rather belatedly that it can hold just about my phone and a credit card. And maybe a box of mints.

It’s quite the bummer because i’ve been hankering after a structured black x gold clasped bag like this for the longest time, and to find out that i pretty much cant carry it anywhere except if im just popping out to Shop n Save is really just quite the anti climax of the month.

Afterwhich i sat down and started compiling a list of the bare essentials a girl needs whenever she’s out- phone, definitely, maybe a hair tie, a pen, a wallet and since this is 2012 and the age of narcissism or whatever, probably a camera too. Since the phone can double as a camera (and just to prove this i took the above photo with my lumia), the only thing left to really squish down into the dinky little bag is my wallet. I stared at my wallet for awhile before going yeah this really isn’t going to work out (I’m using the River Island punchout purse in white and it’s like pretty much twice the width of the bag), and not for the first time i pretty much sat there and wished there were a more convenient way to pay for your stuff.

Anyway. I’m sure you guys have caught on to some of the chatter surrounding NFC technology, but the idea of paying for stuff by tapping your handphone on something has been around since i was P6 (along with rumors involving sewing a credit card into your hand to pay for stuff) but nothing solid has ever come of it as far as i knew so i pretty much gave up on it. That is to say- till the recent news hit about DBS putting a virtual credit card on our mobiles.

Saw this video online about the DBS one.tap pop up event at Shaw Lido- check out the red carpet treatment they’re giving all the people who tapped their mobiles on the machine! Their reactions are priceless- it’s a bit like just for laugh gags, except better because they’re treated like VIPs and showered with free stuff and screaming girls.

Essentially as long as you have a StarHub NFC enabled smartphone (ie. sony xperia, S3, etc) you can tap and pay for your stuff at over 30,000 acceptance points island wide (like Shaw, Pastamania, Comfort cabs, etc), which is mad convenient i should think. You can also attach mobile coupons to your phone and redeem it via tapping- like those that you have to normally print out and show merchants! I’m not sure if this applies to groupon and all those deal sites yet, but it’d be so super convenient if it did.

I can imagine that this function would be really popular amongst the guys since none of my guy friends like carrying bags out for some reason. Still, its good to know that our local institutions are tirelessly working towards a more convenient life for us.

Disclaimer: This new payment service is made possible through a collaboration between DBS, MasterCard, StarHub and EZ Link, to provide customers a secure way of payment through the digital wallet app called “SmartWallet”.

Sign up for DBS one.tap here.

You’re welcome.


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