I don’t know if you guys remember, but to me there’s no name with a memorable ring quite like the weirods. I’m not too sure how my ancestors will take to the nickname, but it seems like it stuck ever since i first mentioned it. In any case, i got sidetracked- what i was trying to talk about was the home without walls singtel virtual scrapbook initiative i blogged about awhile back.

Not limited to the virtual realm now- because last week i received a hard copy of my scrapbook, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Check it out:

It’s literally identical to what I crafted online! Such a perfect conversation point for dinners and a great way for guests to get acquainted with our family history..

Yup, that’s what im talking about.

It arrived when i was asleep so i woke up to a pretty lovely surprise, flipping through the scrapbook i painstakingly crafted (ok not as painstakingly as if i had done it in real life because, you know, superglue, but it took me pretty long too ok). Honestly, it just feels so sleek, and it looks great just sitting there on our coffee table. A few more shots of it:

everyone at home is really impressed by it, except my second sister who is protesting quite strongly at being immortalized in print as ‘the strange one’. But you know what they say- you give some and you take some.

The competition to win a printed copy has since ended, but you can still create your own virtual scrapbook to share with your family and friends online here 🙂

You can also get your dose of warm fuzzy feelings at the Singtel home without walls photo gallery– it consists a series of fantastic, fantastic, heartfelt photos taken by singaporeans all over the island and submitted with personal stories attached. Such a wonderful initiative by Singtel- what with all the rush forward for progress and moving upwards and onwards, it’s so heartwarming to know that people everywhere still flock to proudly express their love for their family :’)

This post is starting to turn very cheesy- but for all the right reasons. Have a great start to the week you guys, and happy monday morning to you too.