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Hi guys,

So, we need to have a long talk some day soon. I’ve got tons of things I’m supposed to update here, but long days and mobile work notifications ensure that it’s a little difficult. Nonetheless, wanna hear about my day? No? Too bad.

Woke up unfortunately early because my sisters decided it would be a GREAT idea to TAUPOK me early in the morning. Little monsters. And got out of bed to this:

Her affections is directly correlated to the amount of food we give her i swear.

Went down to Swirls Bake Shop for a cupcake tasting session they very kindly invited me for

I have LOADS to say about this accompanied by a MILLION photos but it will have to wait. Suffice to say it is something of the new best cupcakes in Singapore so i swear i’ll do a detailed post on it when I’m back!

I had jam practice with Marcus after that

Check out his sick new equipment.

And then we headed down to Ayam whatever its called i really can’t pronounce it to get dinner with the lit geeks which sort of went down like this

Because they are half ridiculous half unbelievable and wholly hilarious

After that i stumbled home to pack my bags for tomorrow’s FOC but it proved not an easy task because I’m not the only one fond of the luggage


Anyway so yes, I’m off to torture fresh meat and run around singapore for the next week! Welcome all freshmen, and to all the rest of you, i promise to come back with detailed accounts of 1. the low down on the freshies and promised posts on 2. the t1 airport launch 3. the most amazing Swirls cupcakes and 4. an explanation for drea’s expression as pictured three pictures up.

Enjoy your week, guys!