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Hi Guys,

Sick of looking at my face yet? So am I. Too bad though, because here are a few more shots behind the seams courtesy of Gillian + Clicknetworktv. Hehe, i chortled to myself typing that, because, you know. Behind the seams. And it’s a show about clothes. Get it get it get it ok nvm.

By the way, we didnt shoot that on a set. That’s Andrea’s walk in wardrobe. The amount of clothes that girl has is ridiculous. I would like to put it out there right now that this is not the normal wardrobe of a teenage girl, okay? In comparison my wardrobe is 1. messy 2. paltry 3. a little bit embarrassing, so lets not judge here because i opened up my doors and let you guys into my home so shut it. (Well, sorta.)

All photos shot with the Canon 5D Mark III, a completely gorgeous camera which i don’t quite dare touch for the same reason i don’t dare carrying babies- what if i drop them? On their heads?

You know what else is gorgeous? The Sony Alpha A77- an absolutely sexy dslr the people from Waggener Edstrom (Sony Singapore’s PR company) handed over to me today. Being the equivalent of a preschooler when it comes to proper photography, i kind of have no idea where to start with it, but i got really excited and just started pushing all its buttons like in a pussycat doll song.

the alpha on the toy camera mode. Something like instagram for DSLRs, if you think about it. I also appreciate this because it makes your photos look more interesting and shrouds the fact that people like me have no skill.

and on standard mode:

With Mavis, who looks a bit like an angel in her white dress. She said as much this morning in the office.

The a77 was design to rival the legendary Canon 7D. Does it? I can’t tell you, because I’ve never even come close to sniffing a 7D. What i can tell you though, is that its 1. very heavy 2. extremely impressive.

In fact, you know what? I’m going to name it Alphamale. Because that’s what it looks like. Meet the new man in my life, guys. Im going to be playing with him for the next couple of weeks or so. Snap.

Thank you so much, Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom! Im terrified of dropping my new man but also very pleased with it’s form. GOODNESS everything i say, so, so many ways they can be interpreted. I think what i meant to say was, welcome, all NTU Literature freshmen.